Rylan is ONE...

Rylan was one this month. He did great during his cake smash session. He had a blast! My husband and are friends with this little dudes dad and it is a pleasure to get to know his family through photographs! Rylan was such a trooper during the session and so well behaved. He didn't hesitate one bit to dig into that cake!

We also snuck in a few family photos during Rylan's session. Aren't they all so good looking?

Ugh.. he is just too adorable.
During this session my plan was to get him with a photo of each of the letters seperately and put them together later, but once I got to the "E" I got so excited to do all of the letters at once to spell out ONE like this... I forgot to do the "E" and could only spell O.N....  Opps!

Too cute and so innocent! Can't wait to do more photographs with him the future :)

He wanted to get everything! :)
Thanks for allowing me to capture this special time you guys! See you soon.


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