Kallan James... Newborn

This little guy I had to fly 940 miles to see! My venture to Denver, Colorado to see Kallan James and his momma (my collage room mate) was not long enough! I left early on a Wednesday morning trekking through a snow storm from La Crescent to the Madison Airport. I arrived in Denver and was almost in tears I was so happy to see Ashley and her now, family! They are great parents and Kallan is a great baby! He enjoys cudding with his mama, eating lots of tasty milk, and napping in your arms!

Is he not the cutest turtle you've ever seen?!
This was one of momma's favorites!
Mozzy, their rottweiler is about 6 months and FULL of energy. He is very handsome and loves to play :) He isn't a very good cuddler but is still good company and entertaining!

While I was out in Coloardo I also was able to go to the Downtown Aquarium and to the Butterfly Pavilion! So neat, below are some of what I saw.

Jellyfish! I was soooo intrigued by them!

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