Nic & Tiffany... ENGAGED!

These folks are getting married February 22, 2014 and my husband and I are lucky enough to be in the wedding! They are getting engagement photos done with their photographer also this summer, but wanted winter photos too since they are having a winter wedding! The love these two share is contagious and I'm glad they behaved long enough for me to capture it. Usually you can find these two picking on each other or scheming ways to antagonize each other (in a loving way of course).

We were goning to try a sunrise session because that is how Nic proposed, but it was cloudy so we rescheduled for evening, which was still cloudy.
These photos are the best I have done since taking photos. I hardly had any bad ones, didn't have to edit any, and they were so fun!!!! I was so proud of myself looking through these and I only hope they are just as happy with them as I am.

Thanks for the fun afternoon you two! It meant a lot. <3

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