Whoa! Sunday, December 9, 2012 was a busy day for Ashley Oldenburg Photography! Three sessions and my brother-in-law squeezed in!

First up was Carsen. He is two and full of life. Enjoyed photographing Christmas pictures for him. He sure had fun with the Ornaments we used as props. (No worries, they weren't glass!) See you next time Carsen!

Next up was Camden. When he arrived in that little reindeer sweater, I knew this session was going to be successful. With all that hair and still no teeth, his cheesing sure gets the ladies :) He was such a good sport and enjoyed looking at my bright flash among the other lights in the room. Great job Cam!

Nic and Tiffany were squeezed in before a nice family dinner for Nic's birthday. They had a snowball fight and as you can see from the pictures their jerseys are a constant battle in their relationship :)

And lastly, we had this gorgeous lady! I did photos of her and her husband last month and enjoyed it, and she must of too because she wanted me to do portraits of her! It's such a blessing to have repeat customers when your first starting out. Thanks Lisa!


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